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Kersh Health is a pioneer in wellness solutions. We have been helping organizations improve the health of their employees for nearly 20 years.
Biometric Testing

The benefits of Biometric Screenings through Kersh Health are many. The first benefit is how simple it is for employees to sign up. On each company portal, we provide a “Biometric Scheduler” where an employee can choose the location, date and time that is best for them. Plus, we provide convenient, onsite services at company locations. We have individual screenings stations to maximize privacy. And, all of the co-branded communication materials are produced by Kersh Health for each client.

The KAM is a small, durable device that uses state-of-the-art accelerometer technology to measure human activity. It measures the duration, speed and intensity of an individual’s physical activity. The KAM normalizes this data into easy to understand KAM points.

The Qscore represents the next generation health assessment tool. We are the only company in North America to offer this. It combines a series of questions with an individual’s biometric data and gives each participant a Qscore. The higher the Qscore – the healthier they are. The algorithms used in the Qscore have been actuarially validated by one of the world’s largest insurance providers. The high risk, high cost individuals are contacted by our staff of health care professionals and invited to participate in one or more of our health programs.
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Right Weigh

Right Weigh is not a diet in a traditional sense. There is no calorie counting. No “points” counting. No expensive foods or supplements to buy. Just a few simple rules focused on changing the crucial elements that affect your weight – the way you THINK, EAT AND MOVE. Our Right Weigh participants have lost an average of 15 pounds over the 12 week program. Many have have lost over 50 pounds!

Right Weigh can give your employees the resources and encouragement they need to succeed in their weight loss efforts.

Q-Quest is a new lifestyle and nutritional behavioral modification program for Targeted Participants that need to raise their Qscore. Q-Quest is administered by a staff of specially trained Registered Dietitians who are degreed, licensed health professionals with expertise in nutrition, exercise science and motivational training. They are skilled in modifying dietary patterns that affect BMI, blood sugar and lipids, which are the primary drivers of chronic disease. Monthly or quarterly Incentive Points can be awarded for participation.
Advanced Clinical Services Division
Triumph Diabetes Program

The Triumph Diabetes Program is 12 weeks of learning how to achieve normal blood glucose levels through a dietary prescription, self-monitoring of blood glucose and lifestyle management. The Artificial Intelligence App for Triumph is the only one of its kind and puts the patient in control of their disease and not just count on their doctor who they see on average of only an hour and a half each year.

Triumph has proven to get employees with diabetes healthier and dramatically reduces the healthcare costs to employers.
DBC Documentation Based Care

For Low Back Pain, other treatment methods have shown through clinical research to have no long term outcomes. Plus, recurrence is greater than 60% and 30-40% have relapses of work absenteeism. Why? Most treatments provide weak results and the benefits are transient.

Studies found the bio-psychosocial approach combined with patented medical grade devices from DBC are the best intervention to facilitate physical outcome and an employee’s return to work. What does this mean for your company? Low back pain is no longer a cost that you pay for again and again!
Kersh Heath RediCare

RediCare is the only onsite and near-site employer clinics that uses an integrated care model by combining acute care, chronic care, minor emergencies, prevention screenings with our Population Health Management and our Advanced Clinical Services.

Employees see RediCare as an employee benefit because they receive VIP access and they no longer have a co-pay! Employers like that their employees get back to work quicker and their healthcare spend is reduced dramatically. You can save up to $65.00 per visit.
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